MSDN Webcast: Unit Testing for Mobile Devices (Level 300)
MSDN Webcast: Unit Testing for Mobile Devices (Level 300)
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With Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, unit testing is now available for mobile device developers as well. Is unit testing just hype or can you increase the quality of your code by creating unit tests? In this sample-filled webcast, Constanze Roman and Maarten Struys explore unit testing for devices. Not only do you learn how to create unit tests for your smart device application, you learn how to debug unit tests and how to run unit tests inside a command prompt. After attending this webcast, you should rest assured knowing that your code works as intended.

Presenters: Constanze Roman, Content Project Manager II, Microsoft Corporation, and Maarten Struys, Windows Embedded Evangelist, PTS

Constanze Roman is a community program manager with the Windows Mobile Content, Community, and Engagement Team. She has been working in the Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded field for more than 7 years, writing content on networking, security, and internationalization. Constanze is actively engaged with the Windows Mobile Developer Community through blogs, webcasts, and other activities. Constanze frequently presents webcasts about Windows Mobile development for MSDN, and she is a well known speaker at international Microsoft conferences like Tech·Ed, Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference, and Dev Connections. Be sure to visit Constanze's blog at for lots of information about Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded development.

Maarten Struys, a Microsoft Device Application Development Most Valuable Professional (MVP), is an experienced software developer. He has been working with Microsoft Windows operating systems for more than 20 years, developing native applications and managed applications. He is a well known speaker at international conferences like Microsoft Tech·Ed, Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference, and Mobile Connections. Maarten also frequently presents webcasts about developing applications for Windows Mobile devices for MSDN and AT&T. Recently, Maarten created a number of how-to videos for MSDN concerning device development. Maarten's Web site,, is loaded with information about using Microsoft .NET in the embedded world.

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