TechNet Webcast: New Tools to Streamline Your Windows Server 2008 Imaging and Deployment Processes (Level 200)
TechNet Webcast: New Tools to Streamline Your Windows Server 2008 Imaging and Deployment Processes (Level 200)
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Product(s): Windows Server 2008.
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We are going to break this webcast into three agenda items. First, we see the new features of Windows Server 2008 that are present when we deploy the operating system. Windows Server 2008, like Windows Vista, was built from the ground up with deployment in mind. The result is a lower cost for migrating to Windows Server 2008 and a lower cost for ownership. These new features include the Windows Imaging Format (WIM) image format, Windows Deployment Services role, and the Windows Automated Installation Kit. Then we look at more complex deployment strategies that involve additional deployment tools, such as the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Operating System Deployment (OSD) feature pack. Microsoft has expanded on the capabilities of Microsoft System Center deployment and worked to simplify use of the OSD. It has deeper access to the operating system, in addition to centralized management and reporting, that is appealing to many demanding organizations looking to control server and desktop images. Under the third agenda item, we talk about deployment best practices. The new deployment features are designed around a set of best practices included in the Windows Server Deployment (WSD) solution accelerator. We explain how to use these tools in a variety of ways to suit organizations of different sizes and needs.

Presenter: Blain Barton, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Three words to describe Blain Barton? Driven, enthusiastic, busy. In his 14 years at Microsoft, Blain has organized and delivered a wide array of educational programs. He has given over 800 live events and received six top presenter awards the last couple of years. Blain has also worked as a worldwide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system engineer and also headed up the Microsoft Visual Basic support team. In his presentations, Blain is sometimes known as "the wig guy," who gets his audiences personally involved in every demo or event. Blain taught professional-level snow skiing in Washington State before moving to Florida. Blain plays the drums in his downtime. Visit Blain's blog at
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