MSDN Webcast: Programming LINQ and the ADO.NET Entity Framework (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Programming LINQ and the ADO.NET Entity Framework (Level 200)
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft SQL Server.
Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) introduces an exciting new way for applications to build strongly typed queries that are deeply integrated into the programming language. The ADO.NET Entity Framework allows applications and services to work in terms of an application-oriented Entity Data Model, decoupling the application's data model from the storage considerations of the relational schema. Join this webcast to see how these two technologies work together to change the way applications work with data.

Presenter: Michael Pizzo, Principal Architect, Microsoft Corporation

Michael Pizzo is a principal architect on the Data Programmability Team at Microsoft. He has been at the forefront of data access for the last 17 of his 20 years at Microsoft, including contributing to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Object Linking and Embedding Database (OLEDB), ADO, ADO.NET and now the Entity Framework. Michael has been a member of the ANSI X3H2 Database Standards Group and a U.S. representative in the International Standards Organization (ISO) meeting that approved the SQLCLI as an extension to SQL92.

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