IT Manager Webcast: Application Platform: Using KPIs to Streamline Development  (Level 200)
IT Manager Webcast: Application Platform: Using KPIs to Streamline Development (Level 200)
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Product(s): Microsoft Application Center.
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One of the main benefits of moving to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with an integrated (rather than ad hoc) technology set to support your process is the visibility you get into the life cycle. Knowing how to 'read the tea leaves' can help you identify constraints early and take corrective action. It can also help you meter the success of your ALM implementation over time. In this webcast, we explore common key performance indicators (KPIs), using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server illustratively, and how to interpret them individually and in combination.

Presenter: Clementino Mendonca, Applications Development Consultant, Microsoft Corporation

Clementino Mendonca is an application development consultant with the Microsoft Services Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) team. Before joining Microsoft in 2001, Clementino was a software development manager and later a software engineering process manager with an independent software vendor (ISV) in Houston, Texas. Clementino's focus is on the delivery and development of offerings around ALM. As a subset of ALM, he is also interested in its connections with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), and particularly in the development of offerings around Design for Operations and Design for Reliability.

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