Microsoft Webcast: Protecting, Assessing, and Monetizing Your Application Gold (Level 200)
Microsoft Webcast: Protecting, Assessing, and Monetizing Your Application Gold (Level 200)
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Product(s): Visual Studio.
Audience(s): IT Decision Maker.

There are material opportunities waiting for organizations that most effectively protect and mine the gold inside their applications. In this webcast, we demonstrate how you can ensure that your application investments return the highest possible yields by providing a safe and secure means to:

Protect applications from theft, tampering, and exploitation.
Continuously measure application value by tracking adoption and behavior.
License and control access to your applications.
We illustrate how Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Dotfuscator Gold, and Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services work together to provide a fully integrated development life cycle for organizations that are serious about protecting and maximizing their application investments. "Silver and gold are not the only coin," Euripides.

Presenter: Sebastian Holst, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PreEmptive Solutions

Sebastian Holst is a senior vice president at PreEmptive Solutions, the producers of Dotfsucator, SO-signal, and DashO. Sebastian's responsibilities include product strategy and definition. His more than 20 years in the commercial software industry includes five years on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) advisory council and an emphasis on content management, application security and governance, and risk and compliance management solutions.

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