MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: WPF with Bil Simser (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: WPF with Bil Simser (Level 200)
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geekSpeak is a new kind of webcast series, hosted by Glen Gordon and Lynn Langit(from the MSDN Events team). Dispensing with slide decks and scripted demos, geekSpeak webcasts bring you industry experts in a sort of talk-radio format. These experts share their knowledge and experience around a particular developer technology. Hear about industry trends, new technology, real-world experiences, and more. During the webcast, you are able to have your questions answered in real time, hear lively discussion and debate, and add your comments to the fray. Who knows, you might even see a whiteboard sketch or an off-the-cuff demo. In this installment of geekSpeak, bring on your questions about Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for Bil Simser. Bil is a solutions architect based in Canada, and is a Microsoft MVP. To have a question or comment addressed during the webcast, visit the geekSpeak blog at and ask it now!

Lynn Langit, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation, and Glen Gordon, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Originally from New York, Glen Gordon earned a degree in applied psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied the learning process and how humans interact with computers. Glen joined Microsoft in 2004 and he has more than 13 years of experience as a software trainer and presenter. He knows how to design for scalability, usability, and supportability, and his current passion is mobile applications. Glen lives near Atlanta with his wife and three children, and his hobbies include playing the piano and improv comedy.


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