Momentum Webcast: Keeping a Pulse on Your Business with Dashboards and Scorecards (Level 100)
Momentum Webcast: Keeping a Pulse on Your Business with Dashboards and Scorecards (Level 100)
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Managing the health of your business and improving business performance requires a comprehensive understanding and analysis of your business data. Join this webcast to learn how executing dashboard technology can enhance decision making and performance by providing superior information to your organization. Learn how you can take advantage of dashboards and scorecards with your existing investment and how their flexibility can accommodate the diverse and growing needs of your organization. In this webcast, we provide:
  • A demonstration of dashboards, visual analytics, and what-if analysis.
  • Examples of successful dashboard implementation.
  • Insight on how you can achieve higher performance with dashboards.


Presenter: Bruno Aziza, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Bruno Aziza is a senior product manager for Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007. Bruno has been involved in business intelligence (BI) for most of his career. He began working on SAP deployments in France and then moved to the Silicon Valley in California, where he worked for multiple BI start-ups. Prior to joining Microsoft, Bruno worked for Business Objects, a global BI software company. Most recently at Microsoft, Bruno was the product manager for Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005.

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