MSDN Webcast: Russ and Joe Developer Show: ASP.NET AJAX from Scratch (Level 100)
MSDN Webcast: Russ and Joe Developer Show: ASP.NET AJAX from Scratch (Level 100)
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In this session, we explore the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX libraries. We provide a high-level overview of ASP.NET AJAX and describe how to incorporate it into an existing Web site. We also discuss the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. Join us for a closer look at how ASP.NET AJAX can help you add business value in high-bandwidth scenarios and to discover how you can begin adding ASP.NET AJAX to your Web sites now.

Presenters: Jim Zimmerman, AJAX Control Toolkit Contributor, Co-Author, Beginning ASP .NET 2.0 AJAX and Russ Fustino, MSDN Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Russ Fustino has more than 25 years of software development experience, and he is the creator of the Russ' Tool Shed developer seminars series ( Russ has presented developer topics to more than 50,000 developers at 1,300 events. Before joining Microsoft, Russ worked as a Microsoft Visual Basic instructor, headed up a development department, and created several client/server applications and system software products. His specialties include development with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, XML Web services, Microsoft ASP.NET, and debugging. But Russ is not all brains. His big heart led him to establish Take a Swing at Cancer, Inc., a non-profit organization that holds softball and golf fundraisers to battle cancer.

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