TechNet Webcast: SoftGrid for Terminal Services (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: SoftGrid for Terminal Services (Level 300)
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Product(s): Windows Server.
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Attend this webcast to learn how Microsoft SoftGrid for Terminal Services can help you improve application compatibility on Terminal Services. We explain how you can use SoftGrid for Terminal Services to help reduce application testing and conflicts, enable server consolidation, and turn your terminal servers into an on-demand service. Discover the difference between SoftGrid for Terminal Services and SoftGrid for Desktops and find out how these two technologies complement each other using a single infrastructure.

Presenters: Alex Balcanquall, Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation, and Chad Jones, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Alex Balcanquall is a product manager in the Microsoft Windows Server Marketing group, where he focuses primarily on Terminal Services. Before joining the Windows Server product group, Alex spent four years with Microsoft Consulting Services in the United Kingdom, working mainly on large-scale infrastructure and desktop integration projects. Alex has more than eight years of experience helping customers implement Citrix and Terminal Services-based solutions in the retail, government, and financial industries.

Chad Jones is a group product manager in the Windows Client Product Management group, where he is responsible for Microsoft SoftGrid and the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset. Before joining Microsoft, Chad helped create the Softricity second-generation platform, SoftGrid. As senior director of product strategy at Softricity, he contributed in several key areas, including strategic product planning, technical evangelism, companion product engineering, customer design reviews, and market definition and positioning. He was also responsible for the creation of the Return on Virtualization (ROV) Calculator, which Forrester Research approved as the first accepted return on investment (ROI) model for virtual applications.

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