TechNet Webcast: 24 Hours of Exchange Server 2007 (Part 11 of 24): Messaging Policies and Compliance (Level 200)
Event ID: 1032323314
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Exchange Server.
Audience(s): IT Implem_IT Generalist.

In this session, we look at the messaging policy and compliance features within Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. We define messaging policy and compliance, and we explore the options for implementing messaging policies and records management. We also demonstrate how to implement and configure managed e-mail folders and retention policies. Join this webcast for a discussion on transport rules in Exchange Server 2007, as we examine what they are and describe how to establish them. We conclude this webcast discussing message journaling, illustrating how it works and showing you how to implement it. To complete the homework that is associated with this webcast series, you can register and attend the live Labcast Series, or you can register for a self-paced Virtual Lab.

Presenter: Harold Wong, Senior Technology Specialist, Microsoft Corporation


Harold Wong is a senior technology specialist with the Microsoft TechNet Presenter team. He spent his first five years with Microsoft as a field systems engineer concentrating on Windows, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Office Live Communications Server. Harold studied hard to snag an impressive array of certifications, including MCSE, MCT, Certified Novell Instructor (CNI), Certified Novell Engineer (CNE), and HP Engineering. He loves talking to customers about technology, especially technology related to deployment and technology that can have a positive business impact. Despite his many technological accomplishments, Harold says his biggest challenge has been raising two children.

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