TechNet Webcast: The Windows PowerShell Scripting Crash Course (Level 200)
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Join this webcast to learn about the variables, language constructs, scripts, and functions in Windows PowerShell. In this one-hour crash course, we demonstrate how the simple, but effective, scripting language in Windows PowerShell makes Windows administrative automation faster. We also explore several third-party tools that make Windows PowerShell scripting as painless as possible.

Presenter: Don Jones, Scripting Guru, Author, SAPIEN Technology

Don Jones is the founder of, a site dedicated to improving Windows administration through scripting and automation. Don is the first on-staff scripting guru at SAPIEN Technology. He has been helping Windows administrators create automation solutions since 2003 and is the author of a half-dozen books on scripting and automation technologies. Don and Jeffery Hicks are coauthors of Windows PowerShell: TFM (SAPIEN Press, 2006), the definitive manual to using Windows PowerShell to make Windows administration easier and more effective.

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Duration: 59 minute(s)
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