Microsoft Office System Webcast: A First Look at Office Outlook 2007 (Level 100)
Event ID: 1032305690
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Outlook.
Audience(s): Additional Information Worker.
Discover how some of your favorite features of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 have matured in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. In this webcast, we compare the current capabilities of Outlook 2003 side by side with the new enhancements in Outlook 2007. This discussion focuses on features that keep you productive and in control of your workflow, like the intuitive user interface, junk e-mail filters, calendar, contacts, and tasks. As much as you may like working with Outlook 2003, you might be surprised to learn how Outlook 2007 will make it even easier—and more enjoyable—for you to get things done.

Presenter: Andy Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Total Project Management

Since 1987, Andy Reed has trained customers worldwide to understand and implement Microsoft strategies, technologies, and products. As a consultant and senior training specialist, Andy approaches Microsoft products from a customer’s point of view.

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