TechNet Webcast: Best Practices for Managing Exchange Server 2007 and SharePoint Environments (Level 200)
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Product(s): Microsoft Exchange Server.
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Collaboration has become a key factor for success in the business world. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and SharePoint offer technologies to maximize collaborative efforts within your organization. While these collaboration platforms are designed to be easy to use, some care is still needed to manage and deploy them properly. Important areas to focus on include reporting, recovery, availability, and storage. Quest Software currently provides Exchange Server management solutions for more than 12 million mailboxes. In this webcast, experts from Quest Software and Microsoft explain what you need to keep in mind to ensure that you are effectively managing your Exchange Server and SharePoint environments.

Presenters: David Sengupta, Exchange MVP, Product Manager, Quest Software, and Kathleen Lundgren, Product Manager, Quest Software

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