Microsoft Webcast: Empower People to Work Better Together with Microsoft Collaboration
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Product(s): Microsoft Office.
Audience(s): IT Decision Maker.

Empowering individuals to work better together is critical to your organization’s success in today’s more connected, globally integrated world. Microsoft technologies help information workers communicate and collaborate across applications and devices by combining servers, services, and end user software. Join this webcast to learn how Microsoft technologies deliver business benefits such as presence awareness, collaborative workspaces, enterprise search, application integration, and more.

Presenter: Darrick Jensen, National Practice Manager, Quilogy

For over 10 years Darrick Jensen has been designing innovative, business-focused technology enabled solutions.  Currently Darrick serves as the National Practice Manager for Quilogy’s Portals and Office Systems Practice.  In this position he manages a growing team of analysts and technologists that are dedicated to designing and developing productivity systems for Information Workers using the Microsoft Office System and SharePoint based portals. Darrick’s background in a wide variety of industries allows him to share best practices and bring fresh ideas to common issues all companies face.

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