Microsoft Executive Circle Webcast: Collaboration Technologies in Healthcare
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Is your healthcare environment as productive and efficient as it should be? As exciting as some of the latest communications technologies may be, they are only the beginning. Advances are coming that will help you to raise the level of care, efficiency, and access. At the same time, these advances will help healthcare professionals to focus on their craft, their patients, and their passion. Join this webcast to learn about the business trends and technologies that will redefine the way health information and medical services are delivered. This webcast discusses technologies such as automation, predictive interfaces, new data analysis technologies, improved security, specialized mobile devices, and new ways to interact with data.

Presenter: Bill Crounse, MD, Global Healthcare Industry Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Bill Crounse, MD, works at Microsoft as a global healthcare industry manager, helping industry partners and healthcare organizations to build solutions for line-of-business applications. Dr. Crounse is a frequent speaker on the use of information technology (IT) in medicine and e-health initiatives. He is also known for his writing and editorial work for print and online medical publications and for television and radio programs. Dr. Crounse is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio.

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