TechNet Webcast: Integrating Microsoft Products with Web Services in Lotus Domino 7 (Level 300)
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IBM Lotus Domino 7 now includes Web services that provide a native way to create and host a Web service on a Domino server. This webcast explains how you can write a LotusScript Web service and call it from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET by using a few lines of code that you wrote in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.  If you are interested in simple steps that you can take to make your IBM Lotus Notes applications more powerful, join this webcast.

Presenter: Gary Devendorf, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

As a technical evangelist for Microsoft’s collaboration products, Gary Devendorf works to integrate Microsoft .NET with IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino. Before he came to Microsoft, Gary was a product manager at IBM for Java, XML, Web services, the COM toolkit, Lotus Domino objects, Lotus Domino collaboration objects, and LotusScript. He is well known in the Lotus Notes developer community, and you can find many of his demonstrations at

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Duration: 58 minute(s)