MSDN Webcast: How to Write Microsoft ASP.NET Pages That Use IBM Lotus Domino (Level 400)
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Many developers think that Microsoft ASP.NET pages and the Web capabilities of IBM Lotus Domino are competing technologies. However, by writing ASP.NET pages that use Lotus Domino functionality, you can create a better user experience. This webcast walks you through the steps of writing an ASP page that acts as an interface for Lotus Domino functionality. We will use Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and LotusScript. You can also run the demonstrations yourself if you have Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The only prerequisite for this webcast is a basic understanding of code.

Presenter: Gary Devendorf, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

As a technical evangelist for Microsoft’s collaboration products, Gary Devendorf focuses on integrating Microsoft .NET, Lotus Notes, and Lotus Domino. Before he came to Microsoft, Gary worked at Lotus as the product manager responsible for many technologies and products including Java, XML, Web services, Lotus COM Toolkit, Lotus Domino Objects, and Lotus Domino Collaboration Objects. He is well known in the Lotus Notes developer community, and you can view many of his demonstrations at

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