MSDN Webcast: Getting Delegation to Work with IIS and ASP.NET: The Ins and Outs of Protocol Transition (Part 1 of 2) (Level 300)
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Internet applications depend on a presentation layer that communicates with server-based components. These components can be ISAPIs, COM+ objects, or ASP.NET applications. This webcast explains how to produce a robust application that is also configured for enhanced security. The topics include using Basic or NTLM authentication and transitioning those authentication methods to a back-end SQL server running Microsoft SQL Server 2000. 



Chris Adams, Supportability Beta Lead, Microsoft Corporation

Yung Chou, Technical Account Manager, Microsoft Corporation


Chris Adams has been with Microsoft for four years and has spent his tenure completely dedicated to supporting the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) product. He began as a support engineer in 2000, and was promoted in 2002 to a Technical Lead in Microsoft Product Support Services. He currently resides in Redmond with the IIS product group representing PSS as supportability lead. Chris is actively certified as a MCP, MCSA, and MCSE on the Microsoft Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 platforms.


Yung Chou has been with Microsoft for six and a half years. Previously a support engineer supporting Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and FrontPage Server Extensions, he is currently a Technical Account Manager in Microsoft Services, US Federal team based in Washington, DC. Yung's professional interests include Web security, Microsoft SharePoint, and ASP.NET. He is both an MCSE and a CISSP.


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