MSDN Architecture Webcast: Web Services and Services Oriented Architecture (Level 200)
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How will service-orientation factor into the future of your applications and systems development? What scenarios can you accomplish today and in the future with Microsoft tools to build the next generation of connected systems? These are just some of the questions you will be able to answer by the end of this webcast. Companies are faced with a variety of business goals and pressures and complicating these business goals are complex IT challenges including heterogeneous and siloed systems. Organizations are implementing Service-Oriented design to leverage IT assets to satisfy business imperatives and lower integration costs.

In this session we'll discuss the investment Microsoft has made in Web services and the simplification of service-orientation through programming abstractions. Throughout this presentation real customer scenarios will be discussed demonstrating the power of Web services on the Microsoft Platform.

Presenter: Ali Alpay, Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Ali Alpay is a Product Manager for Web Services at Microsoft Corp. In this position, Alpay focuses on Web services and connected systems strategy and is responsible for marketing Web services as part of the Microsoft platform. Prior to joining Microsoft, Alpay was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. in New York, where he has spent several years working with financial services clients. Alpay obtained his BA at Yale University, an MA at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA at the Wharton School. He is an avid reader and linguist, as well as an enthusiastic but wanting musician.

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