MSDN Webcast: Patterns and Anti-Patterns in SOA (Level 200)
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Service-Oriented Architecture is becoming a frequently-discussed style of architecture, design and implementation.  This webcast presentation covers four principles which guide the architecture, three patterns for success in adopting an SOA and two anti-patterns which represent common mistakes that should be avoided.


Presenter: Jeromy Carriere, Senior Architect Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation


Jeromy Carrière is a Senior Architect Evangelist on Microsoft's National Architecture Team.  Jeromy's focus is on the financial services industry. Most recently, Jeromy was the Chief Technology Officer of Kinitos, where he was responsible for guiding the development of a .NET-based distributed application server platform.  Prior to Kinitos, Jeromy was a Chief Architect for America Online, Inc., a co-founder and Chief Architect at and he worked at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Melon University, doing architecture research and analysis.


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