MSDN Architecture Webcast: ASP to ASP.NET (Level 300)
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Audience(s): Architect.

Are you thinking of migrating from ASP to ASP.NET?  This webcast will walk you through the architectural design considerations that must be addressed before you determine a migration strategy from ASP to ASP.NET. The various migration strategies will be explored, such as vertical and horizontal migrations, as well as providing best practices for choosing a migration strategy. We will also drill down into the development process, pointing out tips and tricks for migrating your code to Microsoft ASP.NET. Architectural and syntactical design differences between ASP and ASP.NET will be reviewed and we will provide you tips for working with managed code in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.


Presenter: Asli Bilgin, .NET Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation


Asli Bilgin is a .NET Developer Evangelist on the Microsoft National Architecture Team and she works with the largest Microsoft customers, advising them on the latest advancements and best practices with Microsoft technologies. Prior to joining Microsoft, Asli was employed as a senior software architect at Dell and at Xerox. Asli is a recognized presenter at conferences across the globe and she serves as contributing and author to various technical publications. Her latest book is Mastering Database Programming With Visual Basic.NET (Sybex). 


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