MSDN Architecture Webcast: Identifying Application Performance Problems with SQL Server and Shadowfax (Level 400)
Event ID: 1032266558
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft SQL Server.
Audience(s): Architect.

Over the last three years, Microsoft and VERITAS have collected and analyzed the most frequent performance related problems with Microsoft SQL Server from hundreds of customers. This webcast session will articulate these performance problems, describe their impact, and demonstrate how they can be solved. During this webcast we will use The Reference Implementation of Shadowfax as a case study.


Presenter: Chuck Delouis, Enterprise Architect, VERITAS


Chuck Delouis is an Enterprise Architect with VERITAS Software developing the strategic initiatives with companies such as Microsoft, Accenture, Bearing Point, IGS and Siebel. His previous position was Vice President of Professional Services for Precise where he developed their performance and tuning practice for Fortune 500 companies and partners. Chuck has worked with SQL Server since 1990 as an application developer, DBA, IT Director and at various positions at Sybase, prior to that he worked for Cullinet Software for 10 years in engineering and consulting.


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Duration: 58 minute(s)
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