MSDN Webcast: Windows Forms Bonanza: Bound for Greatness-Advanced Data Binding (Level 300)
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Visual Studio.
Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.

In this webcast, we will explore advanced topics in .NET data binding when creating Windows forms in Visual Studio.NET.  We will dig into the advanced data-binding techniques every developer should know when working with Windows forms development.  We will also show you how to create a custom data source for Windows form.  This session assumes that viewers have a basic understanding of .NET data-binding.


Presenter: Kenneth LeFebvre, Developer Community Champion, Microsoft Corporation


Ken LeFebvre has been writing line-of-business applications since he was in junior high school. He started on minicomputers, including the PDP-8, PDP-11 and VAX (writing primarily DIBOL code), and followed his early hero, Dave Cutler (the architect of Windows NT), into Microsoft platforms in the late 1980s. After working with Paradox for DOS and Windows, he discovered Visual Basic 3.0 and Access 1.0 several years later. Ken has spent most of his career as an independent consultant for customers such as the Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Walt Disney World, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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