MSDN Webcast: Windows Forms Bonanza: How to Develop WinForms and Interface Users (Level 200)
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Visual Studio.
Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.
With this session, we will kick off the Windows Forms Bonanza theme week. Join us as we explore several topics of interest to Windows Forms developers. Learn how to create rich user interfaces, access data, and see industry-proven ways to get Windows Forms applications to market quickly.   In the four additional sessions in this series we will dive deeper into other Windows Forms development topics, including advanced data-binding, deployment and performance tuning.


Presenter: Mike Benkovich, Developer Community Champion, Microsoft Corporation


Mike Benkovich is a database technology specialist and a Developer Community Champion for the North Central District based in Minneapolis. His current focus is on the effective use of relational technologies for scalable, high-performance, and mission critical applications. Mike has had the good fortune to have worked in a variety of roles including architect, project manager, developer and technical writer. Since appearing in the Microsoft DevCast in 1994, Mike has been a lecturer and presenter of technical information in conferences and boardrooms throughout corporate America.


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