MSDN Webcast: MSDN Events Reloaded - Optimizing ASP.NET 1.1 Web Applications (Level 200)
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Would you like to explore how to build high-performance Web applications? In this session, we'll examine how to monitor and stress test Web applications - the two essential aspects of profiling performance. We'll then demonstrate optimizations for key performance considerations like data access, server controls and caching. This session will provide real-world techniques that you can apply immediately to your new or existing ASP.NET 1.1 sites. Using some of these techniques in strategic ways can improve your performance dramatically.


Presenter: Jacob Cynamon, MSDN Developer Community Champion, Microsoft Corporation


Jacob Cynamon is a Developer Community Champion for the Midwest district, based in Chicago. Prior to transitioning to the Microsoft SST team, Jacob was a developer and evangelist for the central region on the ISG .NET Adoption Team.  Jacob has spoken at MSDN events, in front of local user groups and presented the developer track at several Microsoft Office 2003 Launches across the US.
Before working at Microsoft, Jacob served as producer for a film short and helped develop a robotic wedding photographer.


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