MSDN Webcast: Interoperability and Internet Application Development (Level 200)
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As companies grow, they must find ways to integrate a multitude of heterogeneous systems while reducing costs, complexity and risk. This session will highlight development technologies and best practices designed to address these challenges. Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) offer a unified approach to interacting with disparate systems, reducing the cost, complexity and risks. Learn how XBoost and Visual Studio can help you develop and deploy your internet application while providing a cost-effective solution for implementing SOA. We will also show how to implement a robust and maintainable security framework and offer .NET best practices for localizing your internet applications.


Presenter: Christopher Page, Ivis Director of Development, Ivis Technologies


Christopher Page brings over sixteen years of information systems development and development team management experience to Ivis. Chris is one of the principal architects of Boost technology, creating a sophisticated solution to help other developers and administrators tackle their Web application environments. Before Ivis, Chris held software and systems engineering positions with several organizations ranging from government contracting to education and Web site production. Chris also has development experience in environments such as ColdFusion, ASP.NET, Java, and Visual Basic. Chris has a BAS in Computer-Aided Design/Virtual Reality from the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix.


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