MSDN Webcast: .NET Smart Client Applications: The Last Mile in SOA Architectures (Level 200)
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This webcast defines the "smart client" and explores the implications and opportunities for smart client application development. The session will focus heavily on high level demos of technologies like Windows Forms, Compact Framework, and Office System 2003 technologies. It will delve into the tips and tricks, positives and negatives when designing, developing and deploying .NET Smart Client applications. .NET Smart Client Applications can run on many different types of devices and in many different scenarios. Join this webcast to learn when it's smartest to create rich or thin client applications and about how each type handles data and connectivity.  


Presenter: Tim Huckaby, Chief Executive Officer, Interknowlogy LLC


Tim Huckaby is CEO of InterKnowlogy, a software, infrastructure and network engineering firm dedicated to system and application architecture, software design, development, deployment and network engineering. Tim has over 25 years of industry experience as a Technical Software and System Architect, Software Development Lead, author and speaker.


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