TechNet Webcast: Useful Admin Scripts, En Masse (Level 200)
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Expand your scripting to include multiple computers: Inventory client computers, restart multiple servers, change application settings, and much more. This session focuses on basic multi-computer "wrapper" scripts, and then shows you how to plug in your own scripts to perform a number of useful tasks. The wrapper script will include complete logging functionality, helping you write "batch operations scripts" more quickly. Plus, see a bunch of Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) based, multi-computer scripts in operation, giving you something to take home and start using immediately.   Presenter:  Don Jones, Microsoft MVP, Book Author, and Founder of   Don Jones is the founder of, a Web site dedicated to improving Microsoft® Windows® administration through scripting and automation.  He is also the author of Managing Windows® with VBScript and WMI (Addison-Wesley), a contributing editor and columnist for Microsoft® Certified Professional Magazine, and the Microsoft technology columnist for  Don maintains an active Microsoft-centric consulting practice and is also working with Microsoft Press® to develop a new series of books devoted to administrative automation.  

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