MSDN Webcast: Essential ASP.NET 1.1 (Part 08 of 15): Diagnostics and Error Handling in ASP.NET (Level 200)
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This eighth presentation in the 15-part series, "Essential ASP.NET-A Webcast Series for the Web Developer" will focus on effective diagnostic and error handling. Several features in Microsoft ASP.NET support diagnosing problems in your applications and recovering gracefully from errors. This talk will cover each of these features in detail, including tracing, debugging, and error handling.

Presenter: Fritz Onion, Partner, Pluralsight, LLC

Fritz Onion is a co-founder of Pluralsight where he focuses on Web development using ASP.NET. He is the author of the book 'Essential ASP.NET' published by Addison Wesley, available in both C# and Visual Basic .NET editions. A second edition will cover ASP.NET 2.0. Fritz also frequently publishes articles on .NET and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. He is currently acting as the track chair for Web development at Win-Dev in Boston.

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