Responsive Organization with Adam Pisoni & Mike Grafham
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Yammer.
Audience(s): Academic, Additional Information Worker, Architect, Business Analyst, Consumer Who Works, IT Implem_App/LOB Spec, IT Manager, Marketing - Partners, Non-Tech Influencing BDM and Tech Influencing BDM.

Technology is accelerating the speed of information and the ease in which people can connect. Organizations are realizing they have to rethink how they work and communicate to stay competitive, becoming more responsive to this changed environment and their customers.

Join our next YammerTV webinar with Yammer co-founder and CTO Adam Pisoni and our WW Customer Success Lead Mike Grafham to learn more about this change and how you can help your organization adapt.

From this session, you will learn -- 

+ How innovative companies are able to rethink their understanding of the workplace and capitalize on this open flow of information.
+ How to encourage employees to think beyond their job descriptions, and empower these individuals to respond creatively and collaboratively to non-routine work.
+ How your company can maintain a competitive edge in this new era of business.

Join us for this discussion on the power of open communication and the not so distant future of work.

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Duration: 45 minute(s)