On Demand Education Webcast Series: Modernize Learning through 1:1 Computing
Event ID: 1032565540
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Surface RT.
Audience(s): Academic.

With the pervasive use of technology in the workforce, students today need to be prepared with 21st century skills to be successful after graduation.  Aiming to meet the evolving needs of educational institutions, Microsoft offers the technology and devices that allow institutions to meet this demand, migrate to the cloud seamlessly, manage infrastructure and hardware costs on lean budgets, while modernizing IT across the education environment. 

In this first of a new digital series focused on improving learning in Education, we will explore how Microsoft Surface RT is a great choice for schools and universities who want powerful, affordable touch-enabled tablets for students, educators and staff. In addition to cutting edge hardware specs, Surface RT comes with many software and cloud features that will have educators and students teaching and learning in no time, extending the classroom into the cloud. As schools prepare students for college and their career, they will no longer need to sacrifice the power of a PC for the convenience of a tablet.  Join this session today to learn how you can help create a 21st century workforce despite limited budgets.


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