The “Intelligent Infrastructure” for the Health IT Datacenter
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Product(s): Microsoft System Center, Microsoft System Center 2012, Microsoft technologies, Windows Azure, Windows Server and Windows Server 2012.
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The rapid and demanding pace of healthcare transformation is a great representation of the dynamic and powerful impact that Information Technology can have on business strategy and execution. Every department, every function, needs technology to stay productive and help your business compete. And that means a wave of new demands for applications and resources.  The datacenter is the hub for everything you offer the business, all the storage, networking and computing capacity. 

Today’s health IT datacenter needs to transform to an “Intelligent Infrastructure” to offer new levels of agility, focus, and cost-savings. To ride the wave of demand, you need a datacenter that isn't limited by the restrictions of the past. With Microsoft, you can take the big, complicated, heterogeneous infrastructure you have today and bring it forward into the new world of cloud. In this Webinar, you will also learn how Microsoft can help you take advantage of the boundless capacity the cloud offers, while still meeting requirements for security and compliance.

Presented by:

Jason Bowne, Cloud and Datacenter Technology Specialist, Microsoft

Jason Bowne is a Cloud & Datacenter Technology Specialist in the Microsoft Healthcare & Life Science Industry Technology Unit.  In this role Jason focuses on understanding the Microsoft Datacenter & Cloud technologies at a deep level and linking these technologies and capabilities to the needs of the Health & Life Sciences Industry at a National level.  With the IHI triple aim as a focused goal and the understanding of challenges to achieve that goal with all the regulations, compliance, and technology usage pressures (HITECH, Meaningful Use, HIPAA etc…) Jason works with customers, partners, and internal Microsoft Product groups to increase value & business agility while driving cost and complexity down and work to achieve the ‘triple aim’.  Jason joined Microsoft in 2010 after 10.5 years in a large global HIT supplier based out of Kansas City Missouri as one of the Principle Technical Architects over their remote hosting practice, designing architectures and frameworks that allowed rapid growth from 1 server in 1 datacenter to over 12,000 in 4 datacenters in only 7.5 years & growing that practice to be one of the largest revenue streams of that company.

James Abad, Cloud and Datacenter Solution Specialist, Microsoft

James Abad is an Cloud & Datacenter Solution Specialist in the Microsoft Healthcare & Lifescience Technology Industry Unit. He serves as a trusted advisor and strategist to IT executives for Enterprise Accounts in the Healthcare segment on a National level. Abad is responsible for cloud technology strategy, customer and partner relationship management and infrastructure optimization of business and Datacenter IT solutions. Abad started his role in 2006, bringing over 10 years of IT Consulting experience in leading both sales and service delivery of global, enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 organizations.

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