Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: SharePoint - Training & Certification Overview
Event ID: 1032545330
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.
Audience(s): Architect, Developer Generalist, IT Implem_Infrastructure Spec, IT Implem_IT Generalist, IT Manager, Pro Dev/Programmer and Training - Partners.

At this event, MCSM: SharePoint Program Management will provide a detailed overview for potential candidates and their sponsors.


Session Objectives:

  • Understand the goals and offerings of the MCSM: SharePoint program
  • Understand the program value proposition
  • Plan preparation for MCSM: SharePoint


  • Program Mission & Vision
  • Program Contents
  • Training Experience
  • Application & Preparation Process
  • Pricing Model
  • Value Proposition
  • Q&A

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