TechNet Webcast: Forefront Identity Manager 2010: Technical Overview and Deployment (Level 300)
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Produit(s) : Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager.
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Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 is released, and we take you on a tour around the product in this webcast. We provide a technical overview of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 to give you an overall understanding of the product and its capabilities. We also cover the deployment basics for different scenarios, so you can learn how to effectively deploy and configure Forefront Identity Manager for common scenarios.

Presenter: Brjann Brekkan, Technical Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Brjann Brekkan is a technical product manager for Identity and Access Management in the Microsoft Identity and Security Business group. Brjann manages content creation and product management for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, Active Directory Domain Services, and Federation Services. Previously, he spent five years working for Microsoft in Sweden as an infrastructure technical product specialist. Brjann moved to Redmond with his family in January 2008.

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