MSDN Webcast: Using Modern C++ for Parallel Programming (Level 300)
MSDN Webcast: Using Modern C++ for Parallel Programming (Level 300)
Event ID: 1032444232
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio.
Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.
This presentation focuses on Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel TBB), a C++ library that provides a complete, lightweight, and portable framework for creating scalable parallel applications. Intel TBB implements easy-to-use interfaces that help you apply multi-core performance without having to be a threading expert. We discuss concepts of modern C++ and parallel programming that Intel TBB is based on and demonstrate the expressive power of the most recent language extensions. We complete the webcast with examples of software threaded with TBB.

Presenter: Victoria Gromova, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Victoria Gromova is a software engineer in the Developer Products Division (DPD) at Intel Corporation. She’s been involved in the development of performance analysis tools for several years. Her current role includes consulting with software developers about optimizing applications.

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