Microsoft Office System Webcast:  Create Professional Quality Graphics with the 2007 Microsoft Office System (Level 200)
Microsoft Office System Webcast: Create Professional Quality Graphics with the 2007 Microsoft Office System (Level 200)
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Would you like to create extraordinary, professional-quality business graphics without hiring your own design team? If you are using the 2007 Microsoft Office system to create documents and presentations, you have everything you need to get the job done. In this webcast, we provide expert tips and tricks for creating and formatting charts, diagrams, and other business graphics. Learn how to determine the most effective chart or diagram type for your content, and find out how to get precisely the document formatting you need every time.

Presenter: Stephanie Krieger, MVP, Studio B


Stephanie Krieger is a Microsoft Office System MVP and the author of two books, Advanced Microsoft Office Documents 2007 Edition Inside Out and Microsoft Office Document Designer. As a professional document consultant, Stephanie helps many global companies develop enterprise solutions for Microsoft Office on both platforms. She also frequently writes, presents, and creates content for Microsoft. You can reach Stephanie through her blog,


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