Windows Logo Program Device Fundamentals Tests
Windows Logo Program Device Fundamentals Tests
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For devices to qualify for the Windows logo, they must meet the Device Fundamentals requirements and pass the Device Fundamentals tests. This Webcast explains how the Device Fundamentals have become the foundation for all device logo programs, provides a mapping of the major device tests to the Windows Logo Program requirements, and provides a testing matrix to shows which Device Fundamentals tests are applicable to the various Windows operating systems. The Webcast provides insights into the Device Fundamentals tests from the test developer himself, providing not only an understanding of the purpose of each test and what is being tested, but also things to keep in mind while running or debugging the results of these tests.  Both existing and new Windows 7 Device Fundamentals tests are discussed.

Presenter: Craig Ziegler, Software Development Lead, Microsoft

Craig is a test lead responsible for the Windows Driver Kit, Systems Logo Programs, and Device Fundamentals test tools in all device logo kits.  He has over nine years experience working with the logo kits and is passionate about improving both the quality of the Windows driver ecosystem as well as the experiences used to develop, test, and qualify drivers for the logo.   When he’s not working to improve the kits and test tools, Craig can be found whitewater kayaking the rivers or skiing the slopes of the Cascade mountains.

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