Windows Logo Program Device Experiences in Windows 7
Windows Logo Program Device Experiences in Windows 7
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Product(s): Windows.
Audience(s): Marketing - Partners.

Windows 7 introduces a collection of new features to improve how users discover and use devices that are connected to their PC. This Webcast examines the evolution of the device experience, explains the concept of device containers, and demonstrates how to ensure that your devices provide a great user experience in Windows 7. In addition, this Webcast will describe the additional tests added to the Windows Logo Program to support these new Windows 7 features.

Presenter: Cameron Brodeur, Program Manager, Microsoft

Cameron is a Program Manager on the Windows Device Foundation Platform team where he is focusing on improving the device experience for Windows 7. With more than ten years of experience as a software engineer and program manager, Cameron has expertise in networking, driver development, and device installation. He is currently working closely with industry partners to drive the adoption of new Windows device experience enhancements, which will change the way users interact with devices.

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