Windows Logo Program Overview
Windows Logo Program Overview
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Windows.
Audience(s): Marketing - Partners.

Microsoft developed the Windows Logo Program to provide a mechanism that facilitated a good end-user experience with Windows. This webcast introduces you to the Windows Logo Program, helping you understand the goals of the Windows Logo Program, its history, and its market impact. The webcast explains the Windows Logo Program, from defining requirements that must be met by products to qualify for the logo, to running the logo tests to verify that your products meets these requirements, through to market support services for logo-qualified products. This webcast also shows you how to get started in getting a Windows logo for your products.
We recommend that you watch this webcast if you are new to the Windows Logo Program.

Presenter: David Edfeldt, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

David is Senior Program Manager leading the Windows Logo Program for devices. He has a rich experience with all facets of the program from the requirements, the policies, the test kits, online processing and support. David’s partner experience allows him to explain these facets in a context that makes sense from the industry perspective.

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