MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: jQuery and ASP.NET WebForms with Chris Brandsma (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: jQuery and ASP.NET WebForms with Chris Brandsma (Level 200)
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In this geekSpeak webcast, Chris Brandsma shows us how to use jQuery in a Microsoft ASP.NET WebForm application and how to get more out of the Web browser—not just the Web server. Chris covers jQuery basics, UI controls, how to call Web services, and special considerations for WebForm developers. Bring you jQuery with WebForms questions for Chris. Your hosts for this geekSpeak are Glen Gordon and Mithun Dhar.
The geekSpeak webcast series brings you industry experts in a "talk-radio" format hosted by developer evangelists from Microsoft. These experts share their knowledge and experience about a particular developer technology and are ready to answer your questions in real time during the webcast. To ask a question in advance of the live webcast, or for post-show resources, be sure to visit the geekSpeak blog.

Guest Presenter: Chris Brandsma, Software Developer, MobileDataforce

Chris Brandsma is a software developer with MobileDataforce in Boise, Idaho, where he specializes in writing large-scale Web applications, best practices, C#, and pragmatism. Chris also leads the Boise Software Developers Group, the Boise .NET Developers Group, and Boise Code Camp.

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