TechNet Webcast: LUA Buglight (Level 400)
TechNet Webcast: LUA Buglight (Level 400)
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Windows Vista.
Audience(s): IT Implem_IT Generalist.

LUA Buglight (version 2.0 currently in the works) is a tool designed to help both developers and IT professionals (system administrators) identify the specific causes of least-privilege user account (LUA) bugs in desktop applications running on the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista operating systems. Once the specific causes have been identified, the bugs can more easily be resolved by fixing the application's source code or by making configuration changes, letting the application work correctly for non-administrator users.

Presenter: Aaron Margosis, Senior Consultant, Microsoft Corporation

Aaron Margosis is a developer, security expert, longtime blogger, and evangelist for running with least privilege ("the god of non-admin," said Mark Russinovich). Author of MakeMeAdmin, PrivBar, LUA Buglight, and other popular tools, Aaron has worked in Microsoft Consulting Services since 1999, focusing on United States government customers.

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