On Demand Webcast: Modern Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model
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Cloud Integrated Storage, Backup and Recovery – Gain Peace of Mind

Just as the Internet has fundamentally changed many industries, cloud computing is fundamentally changing the information technology industry, including infrastructures such as enterprise data storage.  The amount of data organizations you need to store is growing at record rates, and at the same time you may need to reduce your capital expenses.  There is a new approach that promises to deliver a cheaper and IT infrastructure by implementing cloud storage. 

Hybrid cloud storage changes the ways data protection is accomplished without tape backup systems; how disaster recovery works with data that is stored in the cloud; how cloud services are used to facilitate capacity management; and how the performance of data stored in the cloud is managed. 

Storage and data management are being transformed by a hybrid cloud storage architecture that spans on-premises enterprise storage and cloud services to improve the management capabilities and efficiency of the organization

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