On Demand Webcast: Understanding the Modern Data Warehouse
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Product(s): Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft technologies.
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To gain the full value of Big Data you need a modern data platform that manages data of any type, whether structured or unstructured, and of any size – from gigabytes to petabytes. Your Big Data solution should also manage data at rest or in motion. The Microsoft data platform offers that with its key capabilities.

Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere
Microsoft Big Data offers an integrated platform for managing data of any type or size, whether it is structured data from a relational data warehouse such as SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse, unstructured data on Hadoop or streaming data.

Connecting with the World's Data
Microsoft offers unparalleled opportunities for discover and enrichment by enabling end users to connect to the world's data and services.

Immersive Insights, Wherever You Are
Microsoft Big Data empowers end users to gain insights from any data, whether structured or unstructured with the familiar tools they use every day.  Developers can build Big Data applications with tools for simplified Hadoop programming.