How Do I: Configure Forefront Security for SharePoint to Block Uploading and Downloading of Inappropriate Content?
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Today's security market landscape is complex and fragmented. Poor interoperability, separate management consoles for each product, and a general lack of unified event reporting and analysis all present challenges to system administrators. Get the tools and information you need to understand how the Microsoft Forefront family of business security products can help you provide greater protection and control over the security of your network infrastructure. Tune in to these free online events to better understand the Forefront products and how they can help you improve your security for the client operating system, application servers, and the network edge.
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Product(s): Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint.
Audience(s): Additional Information Worker, IT Decision Maker, IT Implem_IT Generalist and IT Manager.
In an increasingly litigious world, it is essential that IT Pros have the ability to block inappropriate content from being stored on corporate servers. By implementing Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint, IT Pros have the ability to create key word lists and then block documents from being uploaded that contain the words specified. In this video, Gordon Ryan shows you how to do this as well as how to report on documents that are being uploaded or downloaded, but not actually block their transfer.